with time, it's getting clearer

grrr. I made a mistake and read McFormer's blog. Bad mistake. Bad bad bad. There's so many things I want to set straight with him, but it will be for no good at all, so why waste my time? And no, it's not the "vengeful" setting straight. It's setting facts straight and defending myself.

Moving on.

Good news/bad news. Good news in that I am exempt from my math final and two of my finals are take home. Bad news... two of my finals are take home. Yes, y'all read that right. I HATE take home tests b/c I don't take them as seriously. I never allot myself enough time to sit down and actually take my test (s). Guess I will have to make time, now won't I? But the GOOD news is that I am passing ALL my classes for once :-D SOOOO happy. I have a B in Math... a B in Biology, I think. I think I have all Bs except history... but I'm doing extra credit so I'm hoping that'll make it a C. This whole 2 jobs thing.... stressful. I went to bed at 10:45 last night and slept til 9 am today. What the heck? I have 30 hours this week + school.

I've decided to go try a different church NEXT weekend. For multiple reasons, I feel it's time to leave my current church. I still stand by what I said last week about my reasons. They're sticking, I have a good feeling about it. Where I'm gonna go... idk. That'll come in time.

I'm ready to try dating again this break. Try. There's potential, I'll leave it at that. I don't want to be picky about it at all, just want to go out and have a good time. Nothing more. If it turns into something, I won't complain. I want a man, not a boy. To me, it's not the age. It's the attitude, the personality, what they believe in. Do I like someone? yes. Will it go somewhere? unless I make a move, I doubt it.

I'm pondering going to Auburn to finish out my bachelor's degree. Note the pondering. I have a good feeling with the way school is right now that I could do it. After all, I'll have the worst classes out of the way. I love Huntsville, but I want a change. I want to go somewhere where there's people my age and a fun environment. Have I talked to my mom about it?.... no, I haven't. I will this weekend though, because there's all these reasons and I want to talk it out and see what she says. I've wanted to go to Auburn since I was a freshman in high school. I was dead set on going my junior year, but for more than one reason (due to me) it didn't work out. So it isn't a whimsical decision, it's just been on my mind for the past 4 weeks. I have a fear I won't be teaching in Alabama anyway. Apparently it's not in their funds to pay their own teachers? Wow. Unless I went private, it's looking like I'm gonna have to choose from the 49 other states to pursue my career.

I want to go on a trip. I want to just get away for a weekend or even a week and have fun. Do I know where I want to go? no. The beach, the mountains, anywhere. I'd even take a week at my mom's b.f.'s house.

Wow, this blog's random but it's ok. It's my corner and no one can/will tell me what to write/not write.

I need my "Lauren being held accountable time" again. Monday, monday, please come fast.

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