16 Random Things About Yours Truly

Since this is going around on Facebook, instead of doing it there I'm doing it here :) Maybe I'll rack up 16 odd things in my head? We shall see.

  1. I'm weird when it comes to grammar and spelling. It's an obsession of mine. I get annoyed at bad grammar, can make papers bleed when I fix the comma splices, misspellings, etc... you think I'm kidding?
  2. I have to sleep with a source of white noise. Right now, it's a fan. I got hooked on it last year and haven't slept the same ever since. I even can't go to sleep without it on!
  3. I don't have any tattoos but I've always wanted one. It's the bad girl in me coming out. But I'm afraid of needles and definitely afraid to know what it feels like!
  4. I'm pursuing an Associate's in Elementary Education, and next year, transfer to another school for the big Bachelor's.
  5. I've been to 30+ states in the continental United States.
  6. Never have I ever been out of the country.
  7. I was born and raised a military brat. Lived in 7 different states (moved to some multiple times), thanks to the Air Force.
  8. I did dance from the ages of 4 to 12, I quit because the dance co. I was with was absolutely ridiculous and wasn't fun like dancing should be.
  9. I played piano from 6 y.o. to 14. I decided to stop because I was drained (wow, I'm a quitter.)
  10. I desire to travel to Italy then the rest of Europe someday. It's my number ONE dream.
  11. I am on Facebook way too much sometimes.
  12. I'm not one of those people who can take a semester off from school then go back. I'm afraid I'm one of those people who has to stick it out through and through and not quit because I might never go back and I'd regret it.
  13. I have a passion for kids. There's something about them that I love. They're unique, not adults, are honest when they "aren't" supposed to be, and I love that.
  14. My first kiss was with Cal Roberts at the age of 8... yes, mom, it was. Don't gasp.
  15. I'm severly allergic to cats- I look like I'm higher than a kite when I'm around them/their dander.
  16. AND I'm allergic to shellfish and wheat... I'm a freak.


Permberly said...

Well, that explains his desire to have a Barbie for Christmas...more kisses.

Permberly said...

And Piano? You quit because your mom was tired of driving across the state of MA when you wouldn't practice...you were mad at your mom...your mom thinks you just liked driving across MA, getting out of school work, and loved performing.

Dance, again...didn't want to practice, just wanted to perform.