Dear Mr. President:

I already don't like you. I tried to be peaceful, to not disrespect you, and to honor your authority.

But I simply can't. I cannot sit here and watch you make so many changes within 3 days of having power. No, Mr. Obama, I cannot.

  • You see, you've already lifted a ban on funding for international abortions. So thanks to you, even more babies are going to die.
  • Thanks to you, you are putting quite a few military men and women out of place by closing Guantanamo Bay, the place where we put despicable men for what they attempted to do to our country. Who cares if we tormented them? They've tormented quite a few of our people, too.
  • I disagree with the way you're portrayed as the new God, the alpha omega of the United States among the media. You're in a for a real treat if you let the media us down.
  • The only reason you won is because uneducated people fell face first for your propaganda. No one can save this economy, no one can save the world, and even if someone could do these things, you, Mr. President, sure won't be the one to save us.
  • Speaking of which, I disagree with how you made yourself a hero, went along Lincoln's route before your election, NOT to mention you used the Bible he used for your inauguration. You say it's not about race, but you make it about race anyway. I don't understand it.

No sir, I do not agree with you one bit. Not one bit at all. This doesn't even begin to cover how much I don't like you, but this is my mature way of speaking my voice.

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