"I'm a big kid now"

My little sister turned 7 today... it's hard to believe that 7 years ago, I was hearing a screaming 10 hour old baby thinking, "I'm stuck with this until I die..." Such a pessimistic thought, but considering I was the only child for 12+ years, you could probably, just maybe, understand why. But looking back, I would not have it any other way :)

I wish I had a picture on my computer to put up of the munchkin. I think we should've known her personality the minute my mom had the 6 week ultrasound. The most determined human being I know, besides my father, was in that picture. She's stubborn, oh so very stubborn. She gets jealous easily; is high maintenance; yet...

Loves her friends; loves her family; loves animals; loves to read her sister's texts, emails, facebook comments (she's a tad nosy and feels accomplished doing so), you name it; doesn't want to be a mommy when she grows up; loves to sing when no one's around; is a future artist; and most of all, isn't a "little" girl anymore. She's 7. I remember when I was 7.

Like H, I loved my friends, animals, baby dolls, everything. Not only that, I was becoming aware of lots of things, like fashion, the hippest nail polish colors, how to apply makeup, TV shows that weren't on Disney anymore... a slew of things. There's quite the difference between 6 and 7. Before I know it, my H will be talking about boys, buying bras (don't laugh), telling of the newest fashion trends that don't exist at Gymboree, will be helping me plan my wedding, babies, etc... it's all a tad bit hard to swallow, because the first thing this morning, last night actually, I thought about the day she was born.

At 12:38 AM EST, Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at Wright Patterson AFB, OH, Hannah Elizabeth was born. And a day in the B family hasn't EVER been the same since. No siree; she didn't crawl, she walked at 9 months. The little imp stood on the coffee table and stripped when she was 1 and 2; she adored yet despised our brother (still does to this very day!); had the best laugh as a baby (sounded like the Pillsbury Dough Boy); she called me "Ssss" for the longest time until she could TALK; the list goes on and on. My favorite memory though is when we shared a room in Boston. To wake me up, she'd yell "sss!" and jump and jump in her crib causing all sorts of racket until I got her out of the crib (at 6:30 am no less.) Or maybe it was finding her with my makeup on her face when she was 2? Not sure... either way, life's never been the same since the Little Palindrom was born :)

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