Freedom of Speech?

Using my freedom of speech, I commented on Facebook a couple hours ago how I hope God protects me from our new President- meaning if I say anything negative, I hope Obama doesn't come after me. It's how I feel about our new president, I'll be honest.

So I just logged onto my Facebook and imagine my disgust when these 2 guys commented all over my status and one called me ignorant, the other agreed with me, then they got in a fight. Ugh. I was like, "are you guys freaking kidding me?" I have a right to speak freely, so do you, but don't do it on my profile. I mean, honestly. Get real. Do it in a message, not in my own space.

Thank you.


Ahem, moving on...

The district manager of Gymboree is at Parkway Place, the store I'm praying to get promoted to, today. Tomorrow I should find out on my fate. I'm praying I get the position. It would help me tremendously. I don't know why I'm so determined to become assistant manager there, but I am. The store manager and one of the assistant managers (whose name also happens to be Lauren) are both wanting me to come over there, so I hope it works out.

I can't wait for school tonight. I'm officially going whacko, I've decided. Never have I ever been excited for school. Perhaps it's because my date Sunday was so successful that I'm seeing Mr. Wonderful again tomorrow after class :)

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