Blog 103: Beauty 101

Yes, it is another blog- I've been popping these things out lately, forgive moi. As you see above, it's Beauty 101. I share what little secrets I have about what I know. It's very limited, I promise, but go with it.

My number one favorite makeup product out there is BareMinerals. While on the pricey side, it does wonders. Unlike the oil-based foundations that are in the beauty aisles at Target♥, this stuff doesn't mess up the complexion (read: cause breakouts.) When my mom handed me her leftovers when her new shipment came in, man I was HOOKED. Alas, I was a senior without a job, so my bliss was shortlived. Until I got myself a job and once the money was piling up, I bought myself my Fairly Light and haven't gone back to the Target aisles since. Again, pricey but when applied once a day, you get about 3 months+ use out of it. Disperse $25 dollars into about 90 days, add in the fact that your skin doesn't break out, and to me, it's powdery gold.

Sephora is my heaven when it comes to all things beauty. There's one up in Nashville, I went last year, and walking in I heard the angels singing (don't burst my bubble.) There's nothing better than walking into the bookstore of makeup. It's all alphabetically arranged by who made it, you can test the product (I like blending it on my wrist to see how it looks), you get the point. But my mom's crossed me to the other side. Beauty.com is another Sephora, only cheaper, which I love. Free shipping at $30, 3 free samples, and you have me. They sell the same stuff as Sephora, too.

Blow-drying. Only lately have I really, truly, actually given a two-cents worth into my haircare regimine, so allow me to share the dirty secrets.

  • One: I comb my conditioner into my hair and let it sit for about 3 mins. to moisturize it.

  • Two: I always use a paddle brush. The thing is my best friend during the blowdrying, especially at the very beginning; why, I don't know.

  • Three: When my hair is damp, I put down the blowdryer, run the Aveda serum through my hair, then start the round brush part.

  • Four: the flat-iron. This divine creation and I are tight :) I have some difficult, wavy-ish hair, so I attack my hair with the straightener. I think it's a staple with the tools to beauty! Do about 1 inch sections piece by piece (if you're in a hurry, like I always am, do bigger chunks.)

  • Last but not least: a freebie I got from mom was her sample from beauty.com. I introduce to you, ladies (and gentlemen) Jonathan Antin's DIRT (and the guy's hot to boot). I've had it sitting in bathroom for months (ok, weeks) and decided to give it a try on Tuesday. Baby, I LOVE that stuff. So much, that I myself ordered it online today :) I always remember when watching his shows, I wondered why anyone would put Dirt in their hair.... 3 years later, now I know.

Anyways, you all probably know this, but I figured I'd share :)

Oh, and PS... don't do thin eyebrows. They drive me nuts; so much so, that I realized how thin mine were getting so I stopped tweezing- now that drove me nuts.


Permberly said...

Funny. (Your mom sounds like a priss.)

Zach said...

I only use the highest quality eye shadow. It's green. :P Gosh, could you be any more girly? lol

Lauren said...

ummm.... yeah, I could. I don't do the mani/pedi thing every week... or do highlights :D