A Quick Grammar Lesson

I think I have honestly discovered my #1 pet peeve: where people put their apostrophes in when they write or type a contraction. Quick lesson:
  • You all = y'all not ya'll... this is honestly my biggest pet peeve and I do my best to not correct people when they write it (granted it is the South...)
  • We will= we'll not well (some people don't like apostrophes in this one)
  • They are= they're not their not there- seriously people, come on.
  • You are= you're not your- my second biggest pet peeve

This is a grammar lesson provided by yours truly. Please don't take offense if you who read this are bad with grammar. Thank you!


rich said...

I've always thought I was so good with grammar until y'all...this one I didn't know. Thank goodness I hardly ever write it...


Lauren said...

I always thought I was misspelling it, but I saw 4 others spell it the way I normally do (and they're teachers) so I knew I was right!

Zach said...

I don't know what ya'll (lol) are talking about.


Lauren said...

you totally did that on purpose