Can I think up 9 more things?

I can try! Since everyone's made it 25 instead of the previous 16 on Facebook, I can try to think up so more stuff.


17. I was such a junkie for Gilmore Girls that when I got my MSN email, I made it gilmore07- 07 being the year I graduted high school. It has stuck ever since (see the URL of this page?)

18. English is my die-hard favorite subject. I'm sad I have no more english in college.

19. I'm a Mr. Darcy kind of girl. I love Pride and Prejudice like you wouldn't know. And yes, I do prefer the BBC version (Colin Firth + wet shirt, nuf said.)

20. I want multiple children. Like, 4. Maybe even a pair of twins in there :) Yes, I am nuts.

21. The only time I really "clean" is when I'm upset. Scrubbing things can get a lot of frustration out of you.

22. I don't believe in love at first sight. I don't understand how people think it's possible.

23. My absolute favorite show in Jon and Kate Plus 8. I think it's hilarious seeing 2 parents trying to keep 8 kids happy.

24. I don't have a "favorite" color. My least favorite color is grey, but I like the rest of them.

25. When I was a kid, I had two demands: my skirts TWIRL whenever I spun around. My shoes had to make the clip-clop noise whenever I walked. If skirts and shoes didn't meet my demands, I didn't wear them. My mom learned this the hard way and has never let me forget it.

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Permberly said...

You forgot to thank your mumzy for suggesting the email name...you were stumped for one and she rescued you with the Gilmore/grad date suggestion. Would you like to thank her now? :-P