An Ode to the Blogger

I love blogging. It's sort of obvious, but it is VERY true. It's an outsource, I've made friends on here that I don't know in person, but I read their thoughts, their feelings, what happened... and it's nice (in a not supposed to be creepy way.) I even read my friends' blogs to see what happened in their lives behind closed doors, without others around.

I love how you get these traditions, like Not Me! Mondays, Thankful Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, etc. There's even Sundays on the blog on my sidebar, Bring the Rain. I didn't know that this would all happen when I started my blog. I only started my blog for me over on Wordpress, but that site and I just weren't bonding. Not personable enough; so I started a Blogger account. I didn't know that about a year later, others from Phoenix, AZ over to London, England would read it. It's so cool to see these comments from people you don't even know, but you go to their page and see that you both like Target, you're a teacher, you love coffee, who knows... in all honesty, I probably find more in common with people on their blogs than in real life.

Maybe I have a lot of things in common with people around me and don't know it. You don't see it when you look at them. But when you look at their blog, it feels more personal. People say the internet isn't personal, and I agree- to a point. Blogs can be the exception. Like my mom says, it's the "In Touch Weekly" of real life. Instead of what did Jennifer Anniston do, it's what did they do?

Just some random thoughts. It's funny how I blog more now... maybe because I want to put myself out there?

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