"I'm going to Denver!"

No, I'm really not going to Denver (yet I wish I was). I watched the new Grey's this morning and loved it. Finally, a semi-normal Grey's. Don't get me wrong, I'm not picky at all about the episodes but I was so into this episode. I can't get enough of McSteamy/Sloane. Or the McVet or whatever his name is... and of course, McDreamy *sigh*

Yes, I'm a slight Grey's fan ;) it's not like I clicked "attending" on the Grey's Anatomy Countdown for their new episode on Facebook (really, I do have a life people.) I think I've mentioned/referred to it before a couple times in this blog. It was rough- there was definitely the moral battle among the attendings when it came to the care of the PDR who slit 5 womens' throats just for the fun of it. Personally, if it was me, he should've sat in his pain just to know what his victims felt. But that's me, not Shonda Rhimes. If you guys think I'm a G.A. freak, go look at TVGuide... there's more freaks out there than me when it comes to this show. Moving on...

A brief look at the past couple of days:
  • That new A/C adaptor still hasn't come. Even though I expedited it, it just shipped yesterday and is nowhere to be seen... save your money people, expediting with Amazon is not worth it!
  • And a trick to those of you who desperately need a haircut- you know how I talked about having to wait til February? I put myself on the cancellation list, and by golly, I have a hair trim tomorrow. So much for waiting until next month :D Love it!
  • Finally, my employment future will be found out today. The Store Manager at Parkway Place's Gymboree is talking to the DM this afternoon about me getting promoted to Assistant Manager over there. I'm acting cool about it, patiently waiting, but doing a dance on the inside... yes, I'll miss Bridge Street. I love that place. But there's more cons to transferring over there. We'll wait and see...

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Faithfully Yours said...

I can't wait to watch Grey's Anatomy online tonight! We were too busy watching the Gator Game! Congrats on maybe getting promoted :)