My Graciousness!

In the words of Jess- woah baby! My computer's been on the fritz these days due to the a/c adaptor (I ordered a new one last night, thanks to Amazon) and you never know when it'll have a charge and when it won't. Thankfully, I won my battle and now have the crappy cord in the right position to get the charge my battery needs. Anyway...

So I decided to take a gander at my sitemeter and wow! It's funny what happens when you don't look at your sneaky meter for a while. I've had people in Washington, Minnesota, and Massachusetts look at my blog... and they've actually read it. I feel giddy inside :)

I have all day off today from work and school. I don't know what to do with myself. Thankfully, my birthday buddy Aubrey suggested some books to read when I was bugging them last week and I have to say, the girl should be a librarian, book critic, something involving that line of work because man, she is good! I'm reading The Seduction of the Crimson Rose right now and love it.

And why is it that a haircut is so hard to get these days? I cancelled an appointment I had Friday because it was gonna be so gosh darn expensive (becoming a penny pincher, slightly) even though it was at an Aveda salon which I love oh so much (and speaking of that, I just realized I ran off without the Aveda freebies at Hotel Indigo... ratatouille.) But honestly... it was too much. Way too much. Especially when I have book buying around the corner and am hoping to get a new phone soon because mine's been very moody these days (it's turning off by itself now.) Ay ay ay! Anyways, I was going somewhere here... I called the lady I normally go to, the one who stares off into the sunset while holding scissors and my hair in her hands (scary) and she's booked until February. Rats.

Oh well. I guess I'll go read, avoid looking at my split ends and difficult hair, and just be glad that I have hair to begin with. And many blog readers to go along with it. ♥

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