You just wait til you get to 1st grade

Tonight I came home to find my mom and sister doing H's homework (that was due today.) Apparently, her teacher (who I'm less than enthusiastic about) didn't clarify directions well with the children on the sentences they were supposed to write. The kids have this spelling journal they have to keep. I never had a spelling journal in first grade. I had a book that had all 26 letters on their own individual page and I had to find a picture, cut it out, and put it on that week's page. But a spelling journal? Gracious sake's people, this isn't 5th grade! And my mom, her friend, and some others agree.

Then H got in an argument over the number 0. According to her teacher, 0 is even... mom and I both said it isn't. Mom even texted the mathematician (sp?) dad and asked. He wasn't even sure, so we googled it. Sure enough... 0 is neither even or odd. So H flipped out and said, "well y'all just wait until you go to first grade. Then you'll learn that 0 is an even number!" Well excuse me, Miss!

I guess I get irritated with her teacher because I think a spelling journal is ridiculous. They have all these things they have to make like election buttons, hats, maps... it's like a competition. And it's a competition among the parents and not the kids. But that's just me. Maybe I get irritated because I'm gonna be teaching that age range in a few years (notice the few haha) and don't want to be like that. I want to write the teacher a big long letter and say, "listen lady, enough's enough!"

Just my rant for the day.

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