Senior Year

This blog is random, but it was in my head. Yesterday was weird- I ran into two people I graduated with yesterday.

A girl who I was friends with during my senior year came to Jason's Deli yesterday. We didn't talk, Jason's was packed with customers. I never know why I was friends with her, she was a two-face to say the least. She was sweet to me, awful to others, and a complete diva. Imagine my shock when she came through the line and I saw that she's put on probably 50 pounds in just a year and a half. She recognized me, I said hey, but she looked unhappy. We're friends on Facebook, I'm borderline about to remove her because I see her being two-faced in her statuses and wall posts. People she bashed to me in the halls of WCA get comments from her like, "hey sweetie" and what not... I wish I had something nice to say about her. But I don't, which is pretty sad.

The other person was quite the character. Whenever someone would say A got in trouble, we'd all be like, "now there's a shock." What's crazy is this guy is the sweetest guy; he just makes really poor decisions. He nicknamed me Miami Vice the first day of school in English class because one of the guys thought my last name was Vice, not Bice. I have hilarious memories of him; like Mrs. Reaves do her strut to his desk and opening his water bottle, smelling it just to make sure it was water and not vodka. We all died laughing when she did it. He was the bad boy my friend Sallie fell hard for... that never worked out, and honestly, it was probably for the best (even if they would've been c-u-t-e together.) I've seen him at Calhoun since the summer but never have been like, hey. I think he saw me go in the bathroom last night because when I walked out, he was right there, like he was waiting for me (surely concocted in my head but still). I said, "Hey Austin." I got a "well lookie here, Lauren Bice, looking hotter than ever." Ok... anyway, found out he failed Bama (boy I'm good at predictions) because he joined a frat (go figure) and he ended up at Calhoun. He's no longer a business major, instead English. He's actually really smart when it comes to literature, writing, explicating poems and what not, so I think it'll work for him. It was just crazy actually talking to him after a long time.

I have a class with what was the outcast of our class (does that make sense?) She's actually a really cool girl. She has her quirks, but so do I. She was shocked when I sat next to her in CIS the other day. I thought she was weird in AP gov't, but the day she told Joe Blackwell off, I was amazed... she's not, she's just like us, in her own different way.

Anyways, my life's changed a lot since I began my last year of high school at WCA. It had a lot of troubles; I liked it at first, but hated being the new girl. Everyone had gone to school together since Kindergarten, so that was rough. My prom was awful. I made good friends in the end, left the bad ones behind. I decided to pursue nursing at UAH; I'm now an Elementary Ed. major at the local community college. I went without a boyfriend that year, and I'm grateful for that because I could make my decisions without someone nagging me. I fell for a guy who didn't fall for me though... that's embarassing. I got my first job that year. I had my first accident that year. I had my first speeding ticket that year, too. I got my first debit card- and learned what happens when you overdraw (oops.) I learned a lot of things that year... a lot.

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