Whirlwind weekend!

So this weekend is going down in history of one of my favorite weekends of all time.

It all started with a fantastic date last night. I was treated to a very pretty hot pink rose, a Southern gentleman, 4 star dining, constant laughter, a night that was amazing. Never have I laughed so much, on a first date that is. It's kinda funny- we know each other through his best friend, my old manager... and he's taken that title to heart. In a way, we met each other through Nate. I woke up this morning in an awesome mood. The guy's too good to be true, to say the least.

Then today, after work (which was ten times easier thanks to my good mood), I went to Faith's celebration of her 20th birthday. Hysterical, I must say. We went to Red Robin, went to Parkway Place and shopped and criticized Forever 21's stuff (some good, some straight up "Like a Virgin" Madonna.) then went to see Bride Wars. I loved the movie. It was sort of not predictable, actually. I'll put up pics and what not tomorrow, but I must tell y'all... between a date and a girls' night, this weekend's been a ton of fun.

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