Jonas Brothers!!!!!

Here are some crazy pictures from last night!!!! Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it! Between the Jonas Brothers, shopping, hearing girls say "omg I'm so over it" at Red Robin, not to mention Faith's crying, it was so much fun!

OMG did you hear I'm dating one of the Jonas Brothers?

Seduction at its finest

Whitney, Louis Vitton, and Kevin the Model

Faith with her loot in her jacket. She thought she looked pregnant, but the picture didn't come out that well.

Whitney's and my stash for the movie. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for popcorn and a drink, we went by a gas station and bought quite the stash of candy and soda. Thank goodness for being girls with big purses.

Ah, yes, this is Faith's preggo picture. You still can't tell... but we went with it anyway.

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Faithfully Yours said...

haha love the last picture. glad you came!