I almost did not forget!

It's Not Me! Monday! With my crazy weekend and brother's day of celebration, I did not forget that it was the best day ever! So with out further ado:
This weekend was not pure stress. I did not want to collapse from exhaustion yesterday in the midst of doing new line at Gymboree because I'm young, sprite, and cheery (yeah right.) And because I'm youthful and happy and I did not get doggone irritated at the two Mexican ladies who came in, ignored one of their babies' dirty diapers (oh yes, they did) and want to scream. No, not me. Oh and while I'm at it I want you all to know, that yes I do have a strong stomach. When these ladies ignored the fact that it smelled like a sewer in the store, I did not have to go to the stockroom just to get fresh air, breathe, and fight the heave; I work with babies, I love babies- therefore I can stomach a dirty diaper...


Moving on. I did not tell two people in my math class Thursday night that'd I'd sign their name on the roll just so they could leave and go makeout (or do other things that we'll let lie low.) Seriously, I'll be honest on this one, I could not take their groping anymore. So just to get them to leave and go get some nookie, I told them I'd put their name down. Only then, when they left, I changed my mind. I did not not put their name on roll and did not laugh because they do have 2 absences already when we're not even a month into school. I did not figure that if I had to suffer that math class, they should too. I'm not mean.

Anywho, head over to MckMama for some nice, warm Not Me! thoughts. TTFN!

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ash said...

I worked at Limited Too while I was in college and the stories I could tell you of customers there too. Let's just say dirty diaper in the dressing room...