Not Me Monday

Well, y'all, seeing as I'm up at O'Dark Thirty, I suppose I shall inform you of what I did not do this week. I'm going to warn you, I'm scrambling for thoughts, but have faith that they'll come to me. At least MckMama has more well thought out Not mes than I do.


  • This week, I did not ask my music appreciation teacher if we could just have the test on Thursday instead of Tuesday because she forgot the test herself and was about to read it aloud. Now if y'all knew my teacher, you would understand why I did not do this. She's ADD on her conversations; doesn't speak clearly on things; forgets to give you the letter A,B,C, or D for the list to choose from; and stops mid-sentence to tell you that a Piano is such and such.... and the fact doesn't relate to the test at all. I did not roll my eyes when (surprise) and 31 question test that would've taken up 30 minutes of my time took an hour.
  • I did not consume enough chocolate for a crowd this week. I have my good reasons people. I also have a massive chocolate tooth (not sweet tooth) and the fact that my mom gave me a tin of Ghiradelli milk chocolate makes it ten times better. or not...
  • I did not go to Starbucks this week 3 times for a triple, venti, non-fat, no foam, vanilla latte. Nuh-uh.

See I told y'all I was scrambling for thoughts. But maybe I'll think up some more and put them on here later. We'll see.

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