Dizzy dizzy

I don't know what is wrong has been wrong with me this week. More like I know, but how did it happen? I went to sleep Wednesday night with the ominous tingle in my sinuses- the tingle that says, "hello, my name's Cold and I'm coming to visit- hope you don't mind." Yes, that tingle. So I wake up Thursday with a sore throat. The tingle grew overnight to a monstrous sore throat and congestion. Let me tell you, not fun to wake up to at all. I drank orange juice, danced when I saw Mucinex at home, the whole shabang. Still is here. I sounded like a dying llama last night y'all... Jessica was feeling bad for me. Dying llama.

My number one funny thing about this cold. I'm dizzy! Seriously, talk about my inner ear being way off. It's off. I feel like everything's spinning nonstop. If I were a smoker, I'd think I was high- but I'm not. Then I was ADD last night. I was talking to Jess and she'd be like, "Lauren what are you talking about?!" It was funny. So this is what my life is like- being dizzy and sounding like a dying llama.


Permberly said...

Dizzy, my head is spinning...Sing it for me Dee Dee. I know you know the words!

Dee Dee said...

You're making me dizzy, my head is spinning.

Like a whirlpool, it never ends.

And it's you girl, makin' it spin.

You're makin' me dizzy!

Permberly said...

I knew you would know! Oh wait, that is making me dizzy!