A Very Bad Example of Christian Sisterhood*

I went to a conference today for the ladies in our church and saw some very bad manners- out of a woman who's 40+ in the year range. I was extremely disappointed in this woman because I felt she gave a really bad glimpse into the other ladies who were there to learn and take something away. The woman who spoke knew what she was talking about, she's a counselor, I loved her. She sort of reminds me of myself because she's blunt and believes in submission to the hubby, just not to the point where... well, you're a piece of furniture (who cooks and cleans.) She also believed that books are not where we should get the answers for all of life's issues and such. Again, agree (I tried the book thing, doesn't work).

Apparently, Ms. Manners disagreed. At first I laughed, because she flaunts the fact that she's studying to be a counselor and keeps hinting at the pastor that she wants to be the "church counselor." So I laughed when she asked the speaker a question, only it was rhetorical and trying to take the reigns in my opinion. I wrote mom a note, she laughed, discussion went on. Not even kidding, twenty minutes later, Ms. Manners did the same thing. Again and again and again. It got the point that when the books were brought up, when Julie corrected Ms. Manners on her view of counseling, Ms. Manners crossed her arms, rolled her eyes and sulked.

Immediately I thought, "Are you serious? And you expect me to want to come to you with all my problems at some time? I don't think so..." Here I am, this 19 year old woman who knows that of the all things to not do to a guest who drove up from Birmingham, you don't correct them or try to take over their seminar we paid for. Seriously. I was disgusted, ashamed, etc. to say the least. She gave a really horrid show for us other ladies. Ladies who came to learn, take, and apply. Not to correct or control.

I learned a lot from the seminar, don't get me wrong, I'll blog about that too. But the #1 (or 9) thing I learned was this- don't ever take control where your control is not needed. If you want to gain clientele among your church body, a good place to start is humility.

*Disclaimer: this blogisode came out of love.


Permberly said...

You are sooo my daughter!

Dee Dee said...

Nothing "unloving" about what you wrote. Amen to what you said. How embarrassing for the church, though. I hope someone apologized to her.