Not Me Monday

Hey y'all :) It's time for the fun therapy of Not Me! Monday. Conceived in the great mind of MckMama, it's time to confess on what I did not do this week. Let the fun begin!
I did not sneak the book Message in a Bottle into my classes this week so that in the event there was a dull/boring moment, I would have something to entertain myself. While some are not serious students who pay attention 100% of the time, I pay full attention.

I did not post the 12 Downfalls to Having Two X-Chromosomes earlier this week in a bout of PMS. Nope, not moi.

In order to cure my major irritation with customers this week, I didn't find pleasure in making fun of them whenever they'd forget something and totally didn't make a game out of it. While I'm at it, I didn't say "what?" to a customer (who came to Jason's 4 days in a row this week) when he was just staring at me. Honestly, it was creepy; I didn't have a chance to put on my filter before it came out of my mouth. Ooops! I also didn't inform the Catholics on Ash Wednesday after their vents about no meat that I'm Protestant. To which they replied, "lucky."

Being desperate for spring like crazy, I didn't get a couple sundresses at Target and start spray on tanning just because I cannot stand being pale and in nothing but jeans. Time for spring and some color! This winter has lasted way too long.

I didn't feel like a kid Sunday morning when the storm that I said wouldn't come/occur, did indeed show up... I woke up to my siblings screaming about snow and took pictures and everything. Snow in North Alabama is a very rare, so the whole regions freaks when there's even a prediction for snow. Yet at the same time, I wanted all the big severe storms that were taking place in my old home, Middle Georgia. I love thunderstorms these days... hated them with a passion 10 years ago.

I sure didn't get super excited watching the Jonas Brothers at the theatre. Definitely didn't sing along the entire time, either. Ha, like I'm crazy enough to do that...

While at the ladies conference Saturday morning, I didn't kill time taking pictures of the centerpiece and get very disappointed in the pictures (therefore I played with them and it came out looking like this picture.) I also didn't get annoyed with people who acted like 4 years olds either. Nor did I tell my mom and her friends the following: that if the speaker was making us do group work, I was out of there; that I wanted to convert to Catholicism just to go to the party that was being set up in the Hall downstairs so I could get some gosh darned chocolate; and finally that I really absolutely needed a Coke. And for the record, I'm not such a coffee snob that I went by one of my local Starbucks on the way to the conference. To which Lisa said that she can tell I'm a junkie because I have my Starbucks in the Huntsville/Decatur area mapped out really well (and it's really true; there's at least 4 in the area; 6 if you count Target and Barnes and Noble; 8 if you count all of the above and the stores in Decatur and Athens.) Oh and this picture does not sum me up. Not one bit.

Finally, I'm not typing this up on a Sunday night just so I can sleep in tomorrow. Ha, nope, Not Me!


Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

I love Starbucks too! Stopping over from Not Me Monday! Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Great not-me's! I used to sneak stuff to read into class too, it counts if you're there right, they never said you had to pay attention.
Happy Monday!

Ashley said...

Fun Not Me! I always brought books into class with me or just caught up on blogs on my laptop while I pretended to be taking notes.. haha!

I like your blog, it's fun!

Permberly said...

Did you notice at the beginning you bragged about not being Catholic and by the end you wanted to be Catholic?