Holy Moly

Updated: What the heck happened to my followers? They aren't showing up!


Note: At 12:00 pm- go along with crazy idea to "edit" my love- a.k.a. my blog.

Crazy indeed! What the heck I was thinking, not sure. I'm not positive I was thinking at all, honestly. I googled how to get the 3 columns I've been envying on practically every blog I've read lately. Lordy, there's a reason that when people speak "computer" to me, I look at them blankly. First I tried one tutorial site, then another. Just when I was about to pull out my hair (really I was) or quit altogether, I reread every step. Go me when I saw they edited a word on there and didn't say they edited that word. Idiots. So finally, I got what I was aiming for. Phew.

Of course I had to change background so it was wider, too. Another headache. I loved the one I had before but wanted change. So if anyone was reading while all the changes were going on and you thought, "what the heck is she doing?" now you know. And I know that God wants me to stay away from all things involving codes from now on.


Ever been stood up before? You'll never guess who got the first stand up of her lifetime... yes, me. It's a long story that I resist indulging on- my blog link is on my Facebook page. Lord knows I don't need him to read a bash on him.. but then again... I won't lie, I was mad. I called Jessica twice last night venting. The second call she almost choked on her grapes and crackers and chocolate because she was laughing so hard. Somehow I got on rant about how Jesus never stood up his disciples. How I got to that part of the rant, I'm not sure. Man I hate the dating life. Hate it.

I need a 10 pound block of chocolate that the Chocolate Crocodile gets. I wonder how much it costs...

Enjoy the new page, y'all ♥


Zach said...

I'm telling you, give me the dudes phone number and I'll give him an anonymous call letting him know what an idiot he is. :]

Dee Dee said...

Yep, and he was/is a DAWG!! So glad he did. The second time, he was a DAWG, too, so this is the equation I came up with:

1 stand up = DAWG!!