Procrastination and Men

How weird is it that I would rather blog than write my music test answers out? Not very. I'm feeling very oh so random today. Probably due to my arising at 4:30 this morning because my body is so out-of-whack and needs a really good dose of Ambien these days.

The hottie Michael Buble came on my iTunes earlier and ideas popped in my head on a blogisode. And oh how I mean hottie. I wish I'd gotten a picture of him when I went to see him down in Birmingham last October. Oh man, if I were single back then, I'd find a way to meet him. Italian descent from Canada- yes please! Girls were screaming for him. Screaming! Then there were the old couples who needed a room... Buble was an awesome performer and not shy at all. At first I thought he was drunk because he was so crazy and what not. But there's something about him that makes every woman swoon (at least me.) He knows it,too; he joked with the men they were there for only one reason alone... I gasped when he said what he did. McFormer and all the men cheered it on.... there's a surprise. Anyway! Look at that picture and tell me you could look at it for hours.

So I was thinking (after my fun experiences in the dating world and multiple girl chats): are there any men on this planet, who are not taken, and are nice classy guys?

  • not guys who talk to you when the moon's position is just right;

  • not guys who stand you up;

  • not guys who blow you off;

  • and are not arrogant s.o.b.s all around?
I mean, they're out there, but where? Make yourselves known! I have to say, I'm getting an experience that I never knew I'd get. And let me tell you, it's been a rollercoaster ride. I'm laughing writing this though, so it's all good.

Back to my Catholic music now. Yuck.

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Zach said...

"after my fun experiences in the dating world and multiple girl chats"

I'm going to lump myself in with this group. Sadly, I don't feel ashamed. lol