My 130th Post

Seeing as this is my 130th post (yes, it is. I'm dumbfounded)I figured I'd find something to blog about, such as my love for Italy and the rest of Europe. Ever since I was about 16, I've wanted to go to Italy. I blame Giada de Laurentiis for this. My constant craving for all things Italian are pointing to her Everyday Italian. That show's never failed me or my tastebuds. Same on the coffee. I love coffee. When I drink it, I think of sitting in a little cafe in Rome with my biscotti in hand. Did I mention I have quite the imagination?

Well the other day I had the crazy idea to go to Google images and just looked at the beauty on my computer screen. I found a picture of Venice and it blew me away. Well, two actually (see below.)

Of course studying the Renaissance in Music isn't helping either. I just sigh when I see an Italian word. One day, I know I'll be there in person. Tanning in Sicily; shopping in Rome; wine tasting in Tuscany and eating my way through that country. One day...
In other news, I found this on myspace and wanted to die from laughing so hard. It's the opening of The Office episode that aired after the Super Bowl. Try to not die laughing, ok?

The Office - A Lesson on Fire


Ashley said...

I would love to go to Italy some day! And I love Everyday Italian! Some day I will get there and ride in a gondola... some day!

By the way, I have a little something for you over on my blog - go check it out!

ben and erin said...

mmmmm........italy! i would love to go there! don't give up on that dream!

i love the office. i have to wait till this season comes out on dvd to watch it, but i did cheat and watched that little part after the superbowl. too funny!

oh, btw, i hopped over from ashley's website.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I just hopped over from Ashley's website, and have to say.. I have always wanted to go to Italy as well. Someday? Maybe!
I am a huge office fan as well!