What's a Girl to Do?

Oh... this title is the Title of the Week. Such an appropriate one.

I heard from Mr. Monday (I've no creative title) yesterday and he had a very valid reason for not showing. I'm not bitter or angry over it, thank goodness. I've too many other things to stress. So no, he wasn't a dog but I did remind him he could've at least let me know that he wasn't coming. But don't expect any relationship changes anytime soon. Again, too many other things going on.
In the meantime, I found these adorable pictures of my diva of a sister on my mom's Facebook. Adorable indeed, just with a little attitude...


Zach said...

I'll understand if he was bleeding on the side of the road somewhere and all his fingers were broken so he couldn't text you. Otherwise... not so much. lol

Lauren said...

yeah, true... who knows LOL