Time Change

Would someone like to give me a reason I'm up at stupid 4:40 am 5:40 am? It's bad enough we had the time change 2 hours ago, so honestly. I hate my body these days because it refuses like no other to sleep. Sleep is a beautiful thing, and I love it. So why am I not getting it? I'm not even kidding y'all, I just heard the newspaper boy (or girl) throw the paper into the driveway. That's how early it is! Stupid time change. My phone, however, is unaware of the time change (AT&T needs to get on that.) Whoever thought it would be more "economical" to move the time change to November/March needs to know this: My body's thrown off already (I am a freak)... let's just add on a time change, already! Yeah, no problem.

I'm telling y'all, I need Ambien or something. But then I'd really be a freak. I can see it now... someone suggested Tylenol PM. Now that's just pill popping! Tylenol doesn't work on me anyway because it's such a low dosage.

Now it's my luck only that I wake up at this God forsaken hour, when deer aren't even up yet. Yes, it's not like I have Sunday School this morning (at least I don't have to teach.) Or the service, which I will be attending for the first time in month and a half (stupid job, that rant's coming.) Or Gymboree til midnight setting out new line. I think I can fit in a nap today... maybe. I need to do my taxes and put my hand out for money from that stupid person lovely, sweet, caring, fake president. Ok, the government, but still...

"Now why has Lauren not been to the church service in a month and a half!?!?!?!" is exactly what y'all are thinking, I know it is. I'm asking myself the same question, do not be alarmed. See the reason is work. Jason's Deli (for whatever reason) cannot respect the fact that I prefer to not work on Sundays for religious reasons. I'm pretty sure that's against the law, is it not? Lawsuit! Kidding... Now, I did say I would be willing to work one Sunday a month. Ha. It's been anything but that. So I knew I had to work there tonight, but when working at Gymboree yesterday (and doing $2500 in sales in just 2 hours) I saw that I was supposed to set out new line tonight. Now, I much rather prefer new line for the following reasons: no customer service, I can wear my dang yoga pants, no customer service, don't leave smelling like food, have nice coworkers there, and it's quiet. So I call Jason's and say the following to the general manager (even though I asked for Paul, because he's a sweetie and the following argument wouldn't have happened.)

Me: Bobby, I need to call out for tomorrow night. I have to work at my other job.
Bobby: Why can't you work? They can replace you there, can't they?

Now at this point I'm thinking, funny, I thought you could do the same.

Me: Well, no, see no one can cover for me.
Bobby: Well that's not my problem.

The blood pressure starts going up.

Me: No one can cover for me.
Bobby: Well who's schedule came out first?
Me: Gymboree's.
Bobby: But we put ours out on Wednesday.
Me: Well Gymboree was out first and I haven't been in all week to see this problem.

Now at this point, I wanted to scream. However, I couldn't because for all I knew, the guy was about to fire me. At this point I reminded him...

Me: Bobby, I'm not even supposed to be working tomorrow night because I worked last Sunday. I'm only supposed to be working one Sunday per month.
Bobby: ...Well you're just going to have to talk to Lee about that.


Y'all get the big picture. Thankfully Paul came to the rescue and got me covered, but I really don't like that darn Bobby. Rawr.

Ok, I need coffee. Maybe a rugrat's up to keep me company... hmmm...

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Permberly said...

Yep, my phone didn't change either...I even tried turning it off and turning it back on...bad software.