Not Me! Monday

While many of you are dozing away, I'm here blogging my week's events just for your humor. Of course I didn't do these silly things, psh, who do y'all think you are to think I did them? ... that's what I thought.

  • Feeling inspired by all the 3 column blogs out there, I did not take such a task upon my coding illiterate self to make some, er, adjustments to this blog. No, I did not Google how to do such a thing, do it, and blog the event here. No, not I. Because I have a fairy that I wave my wand at and she does the work for me. Hehe. The results left me aggravated and to the point where I almost lost my gorgeous locks of hair (that are screaming for summer because they want to go blonde again) but it all worked out and here it is.
  • I did not creep out Mr. Creeper at Jason's again. If you're confused, see last week's blog... or maybe it's the week before. Y'all tell me. I can't remember. And I think I've succeeded in creeping him out. He asked me, "are you sure you remember regular customers' orders?" With a fake smile, I said, " of course." Pervert.
  • I did not resist Target this week, leaving me feel accomplished and proud of myself. Well, that's probably because I knew if I went in there, I'd find another dress or more things that I don't need so I'm resisting.
  • Oh and last night, while driving home from Gymboree, I did not find myself singing the lyrics to "I Want it That Way" by no other boy band than the Backstreet Boys. I did not gasp when I realized this. For gracious sakes, that was ten years ago. Did I mention it was the Backstreet Boys? For the record, I still say Brian Littrel was the cutest. Ahem, moving on...

  • I have not been getting the worst sleep on the planet. In my sleep deprived state, I did not blog yesterday morning about my frustrations and was later informed there was a typo in my blogisode! A typo, y'all! I'm an english junkie and I had a typo. I mean, didn't.

  • Yesterday when the siblings and I arrived home from church, I did not let my brother just pack his things up and move his cute little self to the "quiet room." He was mad at our dad for some silly reason, so he was moving from his room to that room. Why? I don't know. He was later kicked out by mom, so he moved to the living room because (prepare yourselves) "that's where the tv is." He is a boy. Among his packed items were: a pillow, Mr. Alligator, his framed pictures of himself, 3 sets of pajamas, 3 sets of underwear, and his blankie. It was so not cute. See picture below.

Hope you guys have a fantastic week. If y'all are wondering where the heck I got the idea to do Not Me! go to MckMama's blog because you'll see why :)

  • P.S. I almost forgot- I did not almost break into spanish Friday night when asking one of the babies I was watching what was wrong (immense crying.) No, I did not stop midway when saying que es tu problema?!.... then saying oh my gosh. I guess that is what happens when you work with those from south of the border all day.

And I will find my error since Zach's being a bum and sleeping so he isn't around to inform :P


Zach said...

What type of conceited person would point out a typo in your personal blog? ... That's horrible. Oh, by the way, there's totally a mistake in this one too!! hahahahahahahah. Sorry, I guess it's the teacher coming out in me. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. :D

Permberly said...

Typo Schmypo...Like Zach told you the other day...Girl, you just spelled it wrong!!

Lauren said...

where the heck is it!?!?!?!?!?!

Zach said...

"I did not resist Target this week, leaving me feel accomplished and proud of myself."

Not a big error because it's obvious what you meant. :]

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ah, I put a mistake in every post, just so people who know I am a teacher can rest assured teachers are human too, (really, that's why, I swear..)

Ashley said...

Love the new design - it's so cute!

I think I need to resist Target more often.

Thanks to you, I now have the Backstreet Boys song in my head. haha

Great Not Me's!