It's Warm Here!

Spring has arrived! Yes, it's official. It's 10:30 pm and is 69 degrees outside (or so my dashboard on the side of my screen says.) Today I wore a summer dress without my legs freezing to death thanks to our high of 81 degrees- and it was dry too. You don't even know how exciting that was. To be honest, I don't know how I survived winter up in Dayton, Boston, and Virginia for 6+ years. I was getting major cabin fever this winter. A girl can only stand wearing jeans so many times in a week, ya know. No, we weren't crammed in the house due to ice and snow, but I think southern winters are worse. There's no snow, it's cold, grey, and all you see is brown grass. That's it. No color, no blooms... nothing. At least up North snow covered everything.

So yes, the birds were out in full force today. There are blooms everywhere and leaves will come soon enough; the cherry trees look gorgeous... and then... there's the Bradford Pear trees. Those things stink. I mean, stink! I want to throw up when one's around me because it smells so bad. If there's one tree I can't stand- that's it! I mean, it has pretty blooms, don't get me wrong, but it smells. Uck.

But anyway, it's spring and I'm happy. I'm not happy my car will turn yellow very soon or that I'll be sneezing like crazy. But it's warm and I love it. Winter just sucked. Seriously.

But whenever I see a cherry tree, I automatically think of Macon and the Cherry Blossom Festival. Granted I haven't been to one in... 11 years, but I always think of pink cherry ice cream when I see it. Then I think of Callaway Gardens when I see azaleas and butterflies. I guess you could say that the whole nostalgia side of me comes out when I think of Georgia. So when it's spring, I guess y'all can think what I'm thinking about :) Don't get me wrong, Alabama's ok, but Georgia is better.


Ashley said...

I'm so jealous of your 80 degree day! I can't wait for the warmth to return to Northern Cali!

Zach said...

Daggum straight Georgia's better! :]

Super B's Mom said...

I've always wanted to take my son to Callaway Gardens. I don't need to let another Spring go by before I do! Love your blog! I found you by way of MckMama :)

Permberly said...

And when you lived in Ohio, you thought Alabama was better than Georgia...You just wanted to move back to Alabama and attend Auburn...the grass is always greener and the flowers are always brighter...on the other side of the border.