Arranged Marriages

It's no wonder that way, I mean way, back then there was a term you very rarely hear today (well, in our society, and if you say it everything goes quiet)- you know the term I am talking about. The term only royal courts and Muslims way far away use(d)- arranged marriages. In case y'all don't know what that means, I wikipedia(d) it: a marriage arranged by someone other than the couple being wed, curtailing or avoiding the process of courtship. I can tell you from first hand experience that no wonder there were those things! Seriously.

Interestingly, it's not just Jessica and me who hold this thought- other women I've talked to have said the exact same thing. I was telling a co-worker about my nightmares and she said, "Lauren, I think arranged marriages need to come back around. Only set your children up with other attractive, smart children." Amen, sister. I feel like I'm in an episode of "Sex and the City" when Jessica and I are at dinner venting. If only we had the cosmos to go with the vents...

A year ago, I was in a relationship that made my world happy. I never thought about dating anyone else but him (good thing) and laughed at the horror stories I heard. Until... well, we know the rest of that story, now don't we? So there was a slew of men I talked to/went on a couple dates with, and I can honestly say.... dating life is hell. Well, with a couple swipes of the Plastic here and there. Gosh it's expensive to find that someone.

I've learned that I don't dig the 4 star restaurant-on-the-first-date experience, I prefer coffee instead. When a man introduces you to his family on the third date, get off the train as soon as possible. Fast. Or when they text/call constantly, again, get out. But then there's the other side... the times where they don't call/text when they say they will, fall off the face of the Earth, avoid you on Facebook (oh yeah), etc. And what do women do everytime? We analyze. I analyze. I over-analyze.

No matter how many times we tell our girlfriends, "don't call him!" we know she's going to do it- heck we know that we would do it ourselves. It's a fact. We try to play hard to get and it goes South. Or there's that guy that talks to you when the moon's in the right position, his mind's right, and he feels like talking to you (I've had that,too.)

Dating is a pain in the butt.

So when I saw the trailer for "He's Just Not That Into You" I was filled with glee. Jessica and I never got to see it together, but when I saw the myspace part of the movie- it hit close to home. "Oh honey, that's a bootycall." Not quite but happened, but it was going down that road. Which is when the brakes were hit. But it was right on, and made me think. Of course I thought it out with Jess. That's the only way I think it out, she's my therapist only really super duper cheap.

I don't want a guy who will talk when the weather's right; a guy who will stand me up; a guy who will introduce me to his family too soon; a guy who will do a 180 in the personality department on you; y'all are getting the picture.


It's a random subject I know, but it was on my mind for reasons that remain unknown. Heaven forbid a subject of the blog read this. Hehe ;)


Zach said...


"Not quite but happened, but it was going down that road."

I'm going to stop doing that after this one. Just thought I'd be snooty one more time. :]

I know what you're going through. I think I'm one of the guys that over-analyzes things. Honestly, I just heard one of my friends has been talking to Holly about me lately and how I'm doing really bad in life (which, I'm not) and how big of a loser I am. Well, believe it or not, I no longer call him a friend... but that annoys me to no end. Anyways, I know what you're going through. Girls aren't always the crazy ones.

Faithfully Yours said...

I think arranged marriages "should" come back. Ha! We would never have to date again!

Permberly said...

How come when I blogged about an arranged marriage, you had a fit? Now that I know you are on board, I'll give Bryan and Benita and call...how do you and Zach feel about a December marriage?