Icky, Yucky, Me No Likey

The title popped in my head and stuck- it's very original, I think :D

I have a Guatemalan co-worker who keeps professing his love to me. I used to think it was funny, now it's just plan annoying! See at first, he kept saying what sounded like "taquiero" and I was very confused why he was calling me a taco place. Then it hit me- he was saying "te quiero", which translates into "I want you" for you non-Spanish understanding people (which I suggest getting on fast seeing how the border situation is fragile right now.) The next day he said, "how old are you?" I said"almost 20" trying to scare him because the kid's 16- my plan didn't work; he was then saying, "I don't care how old you are." I replied, "Maximino, here in America that's illegal." Almost like you, I wanted to add. But I didn't, because he is legal. I think... So he went on vacation last week. He's back now. And today, first thing, he announced to me, "I still love you." UGH! Normally it'd make me warm and fuzzy, but it just doesn't. It's cute, just not warm and fuzzy.

I'm becoming addicted to The Office. Officially. I see all these Dunder Mifflin shirts that I want. Or things that imply Dwight's crazy antics. What I'd give for one of them. The Office is a show unto it's own, that's all I can say. Same for American Idol. Anyone see it last night? The Michael Jackson theme scared me, for sure. Anoop did BAD. I mean, bad. Whenever I watch him, I feel very awkward because he's so awkward. Last week he was grinding the mic pole, this week he was jumping all over doing a disgrace to "Beat It." But Danny Gokey. I love that man. He's so cute and adorable. Yes, he got my sympathy when he said he was widower in the auditions, but he's handsome and goofy, which I love in a guy.

Calm down, y'all, I'm not going to go marry him. I have a Guatamalan to deal with right now.


Ashley said...

I would totally be annoyed with the guy too... and why is he so forward about it?!? haha.

Danny Gokey - LOVE him!

Zach said...

his name is Maximino? ...wow. I'm trying to come up with a joke but for once I'm stumped. That's original. I told you, Danny is my favorite. It's usually a girl but he can definitely sing. Meghan is hot though. :P

Lauren said...

I think he's forward because a) he's still 16, b) maybe that's what they do in Guatamala? And yes, it is Maximino. Weird.

mrosev14 said...

Danny Gokey--good; creepy Guatamalan guy--bad. :)

Dee Dee said...

Your boss should take him aside. That's called sexual harassment and it's against the law. He is causing an uncomfortable/hostile work environment. Either tell him or have your boss educate him.