I said it would never happen

but we should know that one should never say never, right?

It's true- I've started listening to some country. I used to say "YUCK" to it, but I give. The local stations are either too skanky or too commercial-y. So lately, I might've started listening to the country station. Might have. It's my secret. Shhh.

I love the Top 40, but I can only handle so many commercials about weight loss and Sammy T's parties this weekend. The rap station's get skanky... or maybe it's always been like that and I'm just figuring this out. Could be both. Darn that Eminem.

So Taylor Swift and I have been getting along very well these days. Oh so well.

In other news, the Guatamalan is very creepy these days. I think blocking me in the walk in was a very risky thing for him to do yesterday. I could've hit him with some fresh produce or something; or the 4 boxes of cheesecake I was carrying. The cheesecake that looked so divine. Man, now I want some Key Lime Cheesecake. Ratatouille. I have a major sweet tooth lately, more than the usual. Help!

This has been a very ADD post brought to you by yours truly. I had fans of mine fighting for a new post. Apparently they think I'm "sick." ♥


Zach said...

Fans? Strong word choice.

I like to think I influenced your newfound like of country. If not, leave me to my assumption. lol

Bust out some Rascal Flatts, Mongomery Gentry, Darius Rucker and I'll be singing for days. :P

Faithfully Yours said...

Welcome to the "south" my dear friend.

Dee Dee said...

I like Taylor Swift. Plus, she's very nice to her very young fans. My friend's children met her at the airport in Tampa and she took all kinds of pics with them. Nice girl. Bought her album.

rich said...

Can't say I'm there with ya on the country, yet, but Key Lime Cheesecake?!! Definitely must try!