Lazy Sundays

My Sundays are so unpredictable these days. For the first time in a few months, I've gone to two services in a row. Since I'm actually not used to it anymore, I get ADD by the time the sermon rolls around (how awful.) But I've had all afternoon off, at least until 4:30- I'm due at the Deli at 5.

I'm thinking Huntsville needs to liven up a bit. Take a few lessons from the neighbors Nashville and Chattanooga that are both up the road. This town's boring. Sure, we have Bridge Street, but that place can only entertain so many times before you're either bored or out of money. But there's no aquariums, cute ice cream places, zoos, or fun riverwalks. Nope, not Huntsville. We're lucky to have an art museum, though.

So, to get myself out of this boring town, I'm hitting the road to Chattanooga tomorrow with the family. What we'll do, I don't know. We better hit Clumpie's though. And don't worry, I'll get plenty of pictures just to share with you guys :) Trust me, with a 7 year old and 5 old, it's possible.

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Ashley said...

Sounds like fun! Have a great trip!