Not Me! Monday

Alleluia, it's Monday. While some are slaving away making money, I'm at home looking the dreary rain, drinking coffee, and cuddling with my amazing pink blanket.

Of course on Mondays, we all know that means Not Me! Monday. Well, at least for those of us who stalk follow MckMama do. So if y'all want to become a Wolverine, by all means, go to her Not Me! Monday. Now, for my week's summary.

I did (not) get excited when my co-worker told me there's a way to put your Facebook in Pirate language. It made me laugh so hard because who on earth would think up something like that? Who would make the time to put in "arrgh" and "matey" instead of "friend' and what not? Oh yeah, people who like coding. Obviously, not people like me.

I did (not) want to go off on Mr. Stand Up when I saw on his Facebook he's in a relationship. While, I'm not interested in him, it gets sort of irritating when you find out you were played. All self-esteem goes down a drain to never be seen again. But let me tell y'all, he definitely has a type. Blonde, blue eyed, and petite. He's an a--hole. Thankfully, though, I have (not) accepted he's a childish human being, womanizer, and worthy of getting the boot from my friends list. Ahem.

I was (not) sad that Mr. Creeper didn't come in to Jason's this week. Well if he did, he came when I wasn't there. I was (not) disappointed that I had no one to mock up. Well, I did (there are plenty of elderlies around who forget their cups and numbers) but it wasn't what I wanted. Am I mean or what?

I did (not) declare to Zach that I will no longer paint my nails because they're chipped within 2 hours for him to reply "yeah right." Well, I don't remember his exact wording, but it was along those lines for sure. But it's true, I got a manicure last Monday, but by the time Biology rolled around, there was missing paint and I was very mad. I mean, I was (not) mad. Sorry.

I am (not) mulling the possibility of leaving Jason's and going to a deli in town to work with my old management from McAlister's because they're dangling more money in my face (and are really desperate, apparently.) Well that and the fact that my current management is (not) driving me up a wall right now, along with the fact that they can't respect my availabilty... I might've mentioned this, I seem to be getting a case of deja vu.

Anyhoo, I'm off to pack up and head out to Chattanooga (yay!) Hope y'all have a good week!


carma said...

definitely go to for the dangling money :-)

Ashley said...

I saw the Pirate language thing and I thought that was awesome.

My nails always chip right away too! Drives me insane!