No Peanut M&M or Butterfinger Can Cure Me

... and that's a record. Ever since I got home it's been stressmania. I literally feel as if I am going insane. My eye crossed a spare butterfinger in my purse (m&m wrappers, too- please keep in mind I have Vera) but oddly, I didn't want it. I didn't go to it for consolation. But tequila might work... allow me to begin.

See, we got home from GA to find our weeping willow snapped in half, with the pretty part of it MIA and no where to be seen. Our landscaper dude came this weekend, but a bad storm did too. But looking at the leftover tree, evidence shows the landscaper's truck killed it. No word about it, so my mom left a message on his phone asking if he knew what happened to it. I will tell him face to face, "no dinero para tu! Unless you replace the tree..." Great spanglish.

I later went to put gas in mom's car only to find that people think it's ok to go 30 mph in the 45 mph zone in the left lane. Grrr. I then came home to have someone decide to do a U-Turn without being kind enough to tap the brakes or at least use the blinker. For some reason, moments like those take me to deja vu about the accident that totaled mom's minivan. Again, grr.

So after recovering/cursing that idiotic driver, I turn on the Christian radio station, thinking that it would somewhat calm me down. Ha! I tune in at just the right time to hear the monotonous DJ (if that's how you want to describe her) sharing about how great married life is. Gag. That's all she talks about, at least when I listen. Come to think of it, I even think she shared how she and her husband disagree about what temperature of water to use when brushing their teeth... But anyway! She goes on to say how she has great neighbors... you could here the "but..." coming. Sure enough, she started whining about how she hates their windchimes that are "all over their house and they have 5 on the side that faces our house." I was shocked, dismayed, etc. I asked the radio, "is that it? You're complaining about windchimes? Girl, you also better be hoping your neighbors aren't listening to this station at this moment." Because if I were her neighbor, I'd be at Target buying 50 windchimes to put around my house to irk her. I'm that nice.

I declared turning onto the podunk road that I dreamed about a couple nights ago that I was moving away from this town when I have my degree/money. Georgia is nice... very pretty. Much nicer... I declared I'm moving there to teach because "at least they have good radio stations and know how to drive there!" Great reasons to move, right?

But it gets better! While unpacking my stuff, I could not find my Venus razor for the life of me. I dug and dug, and it wasn't anywhere. I always leave something behind when I travel. At least it wasn't a cell phone charger, iPod, camera, blowdryer... nothing super big. But seriously! My razor. The thing's not cheap.

But anyway, a few minutes ago, I was reading MckMama's update and I automatically felt guilty. I could have a child with a severe heart problem whose condition worsens each hour. I could be going on 5 hours of sleep, dealing with arrogant doctors, and trying to hold it together at the same time. Her update made every problem I have with Huntsville miniscule right now. Please, please, please, pray for them right now. I cannot imagine what they are going through at all. God's purpose is evident, to show His power, but it's moments like these that even strangers are asking, "why?" You can click on his picture on the upper right hand corner of my blog to go to his mama's page. While I'm at it, doesn't he look like the sweetest thing?

So no amount of chocolate can cure this weird mood of mine right now.


But this video sure can!

Shake Your Groove Thing! from Lauren Bice on Vimeo.


Ashley said...

I hate days like that... they are no fun. I too have found myself stopping and thinking about MckMama when all I want to do is complain!

Hannah Noel said...

Sorry you had such a rough day. Stupid drivers are a major pet peeve of mine. That radio DJ is an idiot for spouting off stuff like that on live radio-- and I LOVE windchimes, so she's insane.