April Showers (even in March)

It's official- Georgia thunderstorms are better than Alabama storms. Georgia is prettier. The landscape is way different, too.

Our SUV "John Harvard" had his first official offroading session yesterday thanks to our GPS system. It's not up to date. But we're working on that... who knew "updating" would cost so much? Anyway, we went offroading into our friend's neighborhood and rolled up to her house listening to the Pussycat Doll's "Don't Cha"- quite the movie scene in my mind. Hilarious, in fact. What's worse is that I could barely hear my 7 year old sister singing along to it.

I had some very nutty dreams last night, though, probably due to the fact that I wasn't in my bed and not very tired, either.
  • One was that it was Easter and our pastor, Charlie was preaching. All of the sudden, the people in the row behind me shouted "amen brother!" I looked to my mom, shook my head, and said "... Baptists." Yes, true Presbyterian right there.
  • My next nutty dream was I was driving down the hobunk road to our neighborhood but it was blocked off by a bunch of fishermen. I went to try and buy bait (what the heck?!) but they said my card was declined. Talk about a nightmare, especially considering I just got paid and my check cleared yesterday!

Thursday I became a scientist and figured out why my face is really broken out. I looked at my cheap Target facewash and there, in the ingredients, was some chemical that started with "gluta-". How on earth? Since when did they put wheat in face wash? So I went that night and am trying Neutrogena's version of Proactiv. It's cheaper, but still expensive, so it better work! I was relating this discovery of mine to mom and she said it's true. Her facialist said that almost everything out there (except for Aveda's sensitive skin care line) has wheat in it. Well, gee.

The theory that I'm not a morning person at all is true. I woke up at 7am EDT, 6am CDT mind you... not a happy girl. But that's ok, because it's fun looking outside seeing dreadful rain with my coffee in hand. I need to find a way to sneak mom's friend's coffee cup home... it's a happy one. After going to Starbucks this week and looking at their coffee mugs, I've decided I absolutely 100% need to go to a 12 step program for my addiction to their mugs. I have at least 6 that I can remember... there's definitely more. I resisted buying a cute one because we don't have any more room in the cupboards for my stash. When I move out, I'll stock up. No worries :)

Keep Stellan in y'all's prayers!

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Hannah Noel said...

I love thunderstorms!!!

good luck with that GPS system lol