Much too Early

I'm up at this God-forsaken hour getting ready for a 7am meeting with a trainer at my gym.


Did I tell y'all I joined a gym? I can't remember. Well, I did. I've had three successful days on the elliptical, been informed I have a great heartrate, but... I need to drop 10-20 pounds. Yeah...

So before I move on and mope about that, I'm going to tell y'all that I'm so excited about hitting the road with Faith and heading to Birmingham tonight to see the David Crowder Band! I'm praying for no traffic at all. I thought we'd be in the clear until I Googled our destination and found that it's on the south side of town. Darnit. I hate living north of Birmingham sometimes.

I'll post pictures for y'all from the trip.

in the meantime, I'm going to take my already sore body to the gym so I can get even more sore. Hopefully, I won't cry everytime I laugh because of the massive pain my muscles are feeling.


Hannah Noel said...

7am?? That would NOT be a good inspiration for me to go to the gym, not when it's that early, haha!

Ashley said...

that is an early date with a trainer!

have fun!

mrosev14 said...

I love the gym! I wish I could justify using a trainer, but since I played volleyball all my life I know what I need to do--the only thing I would be using a trainer for is for accountability. With that being said, $80 an hour for accountability is a bit much for me. :)

Have fun, at least try to, you'll enjoy it more!