Oh What a (humid) Night!

Be prepared: it's long.

Last night was the funniest night I have had all year long. And it's August. So that either means I'm way boring... or just don't hang with the right people to have SUCH a funny night.

Let's start at the gas station where Faith and I met. We meet there and I was going in to the ATM to get money to give her for gas. The ATM was out of money. Would someone tell me what ATM machine at a Pilot right off I-65 is out of money??? Anyway. We're walking out and some guy goes, "hey sweet stuff." I'm thinking what the... and look to see a black guy smooching at me. I later figured out a name for him- Sebastian. As in the crab in The Little Mermaid who makes kissing faces.

We get on the road.

Made it to B'ham in an... hour. What the heck? But Faith gets on I-20. I wondered what she was doing but she looked at the directions, not me. She said something about exit 17 and Atlanta. I was confused, but went with it. Then when we were going away from the city, she said "I think I'm going to pull over because I've never seen anything called Briarwood around here." I told her that when I looked at the map, Briarwood was on the south side of town. We pull over. Then we realized we have no map. No GPS. Nothing. Now, I always knew there was a good reason that I pay $15 a month for internet on my phone (no, Facebook, Twitter, and Fox News don't count.) This, ladies and gentlemen, was it. I googled. Surprise! Not. But it would give me directions. So I typed in map. And it said, "would you like to download the Google Maps Application?" Um. Is it free? YES! So I did. Punched in Acton Rd. and voila! We were good.

We got there by 6. Six. Getting lost was included in that time frame. We were going to go to a restaurant called Veracruz but we found out they were closed. So we went to the BBQ place next door and Faith caught up with her best friend. 7 rolled around and off we went to see DCB.

We got there and were surrounded by high schoolers. Disrespectful ones at that. I've never stood on a pew, let alone walk on or around one. When the kids in front of us did it, I wanted to be like, "HEY!" Yes, we know I will be a mean teacher one day. Thankfully some guy came on the stage and gave three rules to the kids. I mean the audience.

The band was AWESOME. In fact, I think awesome is an understatement. Here is David singing.

a little bromance never hurt anyone.

On our way back to the car, we walked by the bus. I took this as photo opportunity at its finest.

So! We head back home. Once we were north of the city, we pulled off the interstate for a pit stop. Faith went to grab her phone... and it wasn't anywhere to be seen. I called it and we couldn't find it. She feared the worst- we left it at Briarwood, which was a good 20 miles away. We hit the road again! I was feeling mighty adventurous. We get back there and charged the car up the hill. One issue- we forgot about the speed bumps. But trust me, we found them alright. I mean, after we flew over the bump. These people that were still talking in the parking lot looked at us like we were crazy. Then again, we are.

Faith stopped her car in the middle of the road and we ran to where we took the pictures. The stage crew was loading up the truck and I ordered Faith to charge ahead so they wouldn't look at us. I called it, saw something light up, and yelled that I found it! I looked at where it was and it was a mere feet away from a tire of the semi truck.


After we found the phone, I was craving chocolate. We hit up the McDonald's at the bottom of the hill. Only for some reason, the less than professional manager was in the midst of yelling at one of his employees about how dumb he was for letting a lady pull away with food without paying for it. I was looking at the guy like hello? I'd like to order now. Finally, I got some attention and got some food. Then I didn't see the machine in front of me to swipe my plastic. I seriously said, gosh I wish Jason's had this!

So now I'm thinking about contacting Mickey d's about their less than satisfactory service. Maybe they'll see this. Who knows.

Anyway, so we got home in one piece. No Sebastians to be seen. No Clampetts. Just me talking to stay awake.

Oh! And we met a really cool guy at the concert. I noticed a guy a couple pews behind us just chilling and reading. I had a laugh because it looked like me; in a man's body. But where was I? Oh. I told Faith to ask him come sit with us. So he did. And we got to know him, switched Twitter usernames with each other and went on our merry way. Dagummit, I didn't get a picture of him. I fail.

The end.

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mrosev14 said...

Wow, that is definitely an eventful night! Holy cow, you must have been so exhausted by the time you got home. Kudos to you for getting back to Briarwood and finding Faith's phone, how lucky is she?!?

I really need to get on the twitter bus I need to go find a tutorial on how to get started with that all. :)