What Does That Make Me?

I've been thinking deep... and this can always lead to bad things. But sometimes good.

Ever since last night (and I'm still working on that post) I've been thinking about forms of worship. Yes, you wouldn't think this could be such a big deal, but it can be, sadly.

The church I go to sings from hymnals (well right now it's in the bulletin) because that's what the pastor believes in. He has his reasons. We're not "contemporary" at all. Not even a little bit.

Then last night, there was this odd feeling at the David Crowder Band concert. I was awake during worship, not yawning my jaw off. Does that sound horrible or what? But seriously, it really got me thinking.

If it's from the heart, isn't that all that matters? Isn't that what God wants? Just praise over what He's done, created, his power? Do we have to apply theology to worship too?

What if a song on the radio hits me more than a 200 year old song? What's that mean to some people?

I mean, it's all about what suits people. Our church isn't young and spriteful. There's a range of ages; lots of families, elderlies, couples, very few singles... ahem. It's just in the back of my head now that the range has been opened. There are churches that hold my beliefs but have a different form of worship.

Now I know Huntsville is nowhere near the size of Birmingham. We don't have ginormous churches. Especially not ones where you can see the steeple from the interstate. But I couldn't help but think how amazing it was that this huge church most likly had a very humble beginning. It was most likely small at one time. But it's HUGE! I've personally never seen a PCA church this big. I even told Faith that I never knew the PCA had a church this big. Seriously.

So that leaves me thinking...? Where do I go from here? It's one of those, "Dear God, what now?" moments. Do I belong at Westminster? Again, where do I go? What do I do? I had this phase in December but once again, it's here in my heart. It's like it's in there going hello? You are a big girl now.

Along those same lines is the dating life. The guy my hairdresser tried to fix me up with and I were texting a few minutes ago and he asked if I had any men. I said no. I really had to think on the answer to the why? I was asked. Honestly? I haven't met the one I'm supposed to be with yet. Yet.


mrosev14 said...

I personally really like contemporary churches, the traditional services put me to sleep. I hope you find a church that you really like the worship service, because honestly, that is my favorite part!

Hm...I'm really interested to see what develops from this hairdresser set up....can we give him a name?

Katie said...

hey...Just came across your blog. I love that song by David Crowder. You have to find a church you can connect too...my husband and I recently had to make this choice, too. We are now at another church and we are really loving it.


Hannah Noel said...

Did I miss the post where it explained that you're now single or something? lol

And as for the worship question, I TOTALLY understand what you're talking about.
Do I love hymns? Yes, I do. Do I think they are the ONLY form of worship? No, I do not. When it comes to music, I think any and all Christian music can be used to worship God.
Just like serving others, or going on a nature walk/hike can be a form of worship.

It's however God speak to your heart and wakens your soul-- to me, that is the worship you should be doing.