Not Me! Monday

Thanks to MckMama, I have somewhere to tell about what I did not do this week. Click here to go to her weekly carnival and see what she didn't do.

This week, I did not want to put up a sign to tell my customer's at Jason's to get off their phones before I rung them up. How rude can they be?

I did not have a blast and a half with Faith Friday night, especially when we went back to get her phone.

Speaking of Friday night, Faith and I didn't ask a complete stranger if he wanted to sit with us. And he and I are not Tweeting each other back and forth about silly stuff, like crayons and Anchorman (as in Will Ferrell.)

I did not almost fall off the elliptical at the gym today when two stud muffins walked in the room.

I did not tell mom that a frappucino just isn't the same without whipped cream after working out (I ordered the lite one.)

I didn't breathe a sigh of relief when I got my grade for Sociology- a C. How sad is that? And I didn't write all the answers to my math final down on my formula sheet that I could use. Even though everyone else didn't do it too. Lastly, I did not take 5 minutes on my physical science final because it was so easy breezy.

What did y'all not do this week?


mrosev14 said...

I can't wait to hear more about twitter boy!

That is funny that you almost fell of the elliptical at the gym--you definitely would not be able to stand up for long at my gym, lol. I guess that is one of the advantages of living in a college town. :)

A C in soc isn't too bad. If you don't like the subject then whatever, lol.

Ashley said...

oooh can't wait to hear about your twitter boy.. hopefully something great comes of it :)

i so remember being happy and relieved with a c in a class. my last semester i had to take this history class with the WORST teacher i have ever encountered and i was honestly praying for a c-... which is exactly what i got. i had straight A's otherwise that semester but i was just happy to pass that class so i could actually graduate 4 days later!

Hannah Noel said...

I love stud muffin encounters!

I feel ya on the grades. There were so many times I was so laid-back-happy with getting a C in college classes :)