It's time to get crackin'

Every semester, the last couple weeks are always so completely stressful for me. My three months of procrastination catches up with me and I start busting it. I also start to do things that I've put off.

For example, buying a bookshelf. For months, I've been wanting one. For some reason, when the floor of your room is what you call a bookshelf, things get crowded and stressful. So yesterday, I finally got a bookshelf. Let me say, it's nice not tripping on books. The only reason I got one was because my dad gave me his old printer and my desk had no room. Or the floor, for that matter.

Assignments. Ugh. I put off assignments, I'll admit that. So of course, when I have two Word documents opened and 5 tabs opened on my Firefox browser, my computer flips out. Not pretty for the PC or the owner, let me tell you.

The good news is that I'm grateful for having a website where I put all my assignments and lesson plans so that I don't waste paper and have to drop off multiple binders at the College of Education for when they look at my portfolio.

Procrastination at its finest, people. I'll never let my students know, though.

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