I need a drink

Okay, my dreams have always been wacky. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I've always been this way.

  • I dreamed of Jason's twice. That's one too many. Or two. The first time, I was working two positions at once. The big Bama vs. Auburn game just ended so we got slammed and were short staffed. However, that did remind me in my sleep that we have a lot of catering today. Oh joy. THEN I dreamed the second time that I was an hour late to work due to me seeing an ex, catching up, and reuniting. Um, that one woke me up for good with a fast heartbeat and wanting to scream what the heck. Sometimes, I really hate to dream about work.

  • Another dream was that I visited a new church and the pastor made me stand on the stage behind him the entire time. A guy with autism sat next to me and was talking very loud. I was miserable.

  • I was teaching Sunday School again with that psycho social climber Michaele Salahi that snuck into Obama's party the other night. She and I were teaching the five year olds and I got way too much pleasure pulling the rug out from underneath the woman that took over my class to begin with. Then reality snuck in and I realized I was stuck with this class forever and ever. Ugh. But I did get some pleasure out of it, at least.
Yes, I have very... strange dreams. I probably should see someone about these dreams, but some of them are far too amusing

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    Hannah Noel said...

    Strange dreams are the best.