Not Me! Monday

On this edition of NMM...

I am not about to fall asleep in the library while trying to write my research paper.

No way,  Jose.

And it's definitely not likely that I'm writing other things, like my Not Me Monday entry.

So, readers, I'll use this to my advantage: what do you think about English as a Second Language (ESL) programs in our schools? Do you agree or disagree with it?


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Good luck on your exams and papers! I remember those days... I kind of miss them now. I love your blog-- it takes me back to such a fun time in my live!


Anonymous said...

Agree or disagree with ESL programs? I think they are very important. If kids come to America without knowing English, how else will they learn it? Not through their parents. It's proven that when you get older it's harder to learn a language.

I feel bad that you have to write a paper on that. An easier one would be to write a paper on Inclusion and whether or not it is a good thing!! Good luck!!!!!

Meg said...

Hey girly,
I am still trying to establish a good pattern with getting on to blog, checking up on everyone else's blogs and stupid school! I think the ESL programs are incredibly important, I come from South Florida so those programs were very important and very used. Good luck with writing a paper on this though.
Just remember, finals are almost here, which more importantly means winter break is almost here. Thank goodness. Keep your head up, you're almost there.
:) Meg