I have two major projects down, two weeks left in school, and 4 finals until break. Ahhhhh.

I really am not stressing finals since some are just tests and some are just open book. So technically, I'm already in vacation mode. Tomorrow is my last biology lecture and I'm sort of sad because I love that class! Yesterday, we somehow got on the topic of end of the year parties in the woods and covering ourselves in poop. Don't ask, I honestly don't remember how we got there. But my day got grossed out when my friend asked if I found my gift in my bag. I had no clue what she was talking about. Apparently, she triple dog dared one of the guys in our lab group to put the worm we dissected in my purse. Thankfully, they put it in a glove. Very disgusting. My poor Vera Bradley :(

All I know is that when I'm out for two weeks, I plan on laying around and watching tv the entire time. Maybe. That is, when I'm not working.

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