Not Me! Monday

On this lovely Christmas Monday, it is time to confess about what I did not do this week. Thank you, MckMama, for this free therapy session; thankfully, I have no one to mess with my feminine products and leave them strewn around the bathroom :)

This morning, I am definitely not raging like a lioness whose cubs have been messed with. After beginning exit counseling for my loan at Calhoun, my warning sensors started going off when I saw words such as repayment begins July 15, 2010 since I am not graduating with my bachelor's until December 2011 and was told that I would not be repaying a dime until July 2012. Ha! I therefore did not just call the D.o.E. loan services to clarify only to be told that yes, unless I filled out a deferment form, I would be expected to pay up. I nearly screamed. Clearly, my community college's financial aid office needs to get their act together because I, clearly, am about to hit the wall big time. So thankful to be done with that... institution.

I did however, not make solid As and Bs this semester while taking 14 hours, 10 hours community service, 3 days of field experience, and faced a slew of projects. Whew! This gives me so much hope for next semester :)

I'm also not dying of anticipation for Christmas because my dad's making me keep mom's present a secret. Definitely haven't already rubbed it in her face that I know what she's getting :D

Hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!


Andrea (ace1028) said...

Happy NMM! Hope your mom loves her surprise gift and you all enjoy the holidays!

Permberly said...