Reality Bites

You know what sucks? Reading the newspaper while waking up and seeing a big headline that teachers are slated to be laid off in the 2010-11 year. Yeah, that really makes my morning. So I've started the long process of thinking where I should go to teach. Alabama is dead broke; honestly, it's pitiful to see how broke the state is. I have two years until graduation but I'd love to have a job lined up somewhere in Summer 2011. That's a lot of hoping though.

Anyway. Now that the semester's over, I'm working out again. So far, I've lost 3 pounds, which I like a lot :) However, I almost lost my breakfast this morning when I walked into the locker room and all the older ladies who were done with the water aerobics class were changing. Apparently, they don't believe in being modest in the dressing room. I understand you have to strip to put on clean, dry clothes, but really ladies, don't sit there in your birthday suit for 30 minutes talking about your upcoming 70th birthday. It's... disgusting.

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