The Good Kind of Chills

I'm sure everyone's seen or heard about this, but Brit Hume sorta gave me the chills with this. Not the bad chills, the good ones. I really only get my news from Fox (I mean, Bill Hemmer is pretty easy on the eyes; plus they're not all brain washy with their news) but this was a wow-ser. What kind of guts does it take to go that far? I mean, in a good way kind of far. I agree w/ Hume wholeheartedly. There's nothing worse than seeing a legend go down the drain as far as his family is concerned. It definitely makes you think about whether or not the fame is worth it all.

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Meg said...

I don't watch Fox news, not my favorite. I definitely didn't like the guy saying something bad about one religion and implying that another religion is better. That is just not for me. :)