One of my Favorite Things

Last night, I made an excursion to go see a friend. The trip itself will be revealed with Not Me Monday, so you'll have to wait a couple days. But on this trip, I had to go through Tuscaloosa (hometown of the #1 college football team in the country- I can't bring myself to say what team though.) Anyway. So I stopped at my favorite place in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD... Starbucks. While in line, I saw the Valentine stuff they had out (really, Christmas just ended, people) and my heart leaped for joy at the sight of this mug. I decided I had to have it.

Therefore, I would say one my favorite thing(s) in the world are... Starbucks mugs. They're always so cute and happy, I can't resist. I became hooked on them a few years ago (not sure exactly when, per say.) It all started with my pink flower mug that was my favorite. Then there is the Halloween mug that has a funny face on it. There's the traditional mug that has the classic Starbucks logo on it. And don't even get me started on the thermoses. My new favorite is the double walled stainless steel that I got- while is was as expensive as a motherlover, it keeps my coffee hot for at least 2 hours.

Notice my favorite mug in the background that is now a pen holder because it cracked and can't hold cafe anymore.

So of course, when I saw this mug last night, I had to have it. It's not an option of whether I need it, people. I have to have it. I should just tell my friends to get me the girliest mugs they can find at Starbucks when they ask what they should get me.

By the way, I really think I should tally up how many times I said Starbucks.


Meg said...

Tuscaloosa...yuck! When Phillip and I drove through Knoxville he literally spit. It was just lovely as I am sure you can imagine. We are gators no matter where we are!

Your mug is super cute, I wish I liked coffee, but I just don't. It would really help my study habits if I did.

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

love the mug!! it is so cute. and you are right, they always have the cutest, happiest mugs there! but i try to avoid spending the money on them! haha