A recap (of sorts.)
Adios, 2009!


I found a traveling bone in my body. Had a blast at Faith's birthday partay!


My sister and I visited the Chocolate Crocodile and learned the ins and outs of chocolate (at least what I didn't already know.)


Family trip to Chattanooga. A visit to the Tennessee Aquarium, Clumpies Ice Cream, and Lookout Mountain was a must.


Sister had a recital (a very good one, at that.) I finished up my spring semester and got the great news that I could start at Athens in the fall.

Summer 2009 began; I started my last math class (ever!) and when I wasn't busy working and doing logarithms, I tanned at the pool.


The big 2-0 rolled around!


Faith and I took a roadtrip south to Birmingham to see the David Crowder Band! Lots of fun, lots of memories!


Let the buckling down begin! I found myself overwhelmed with classes but it definitely settle down.
Quit working at Gymboree.
Found a new independence in myself.

Oy vey. What a month! A lot of tests came with in many different forms and these hurdles have made me who I am today. I found myself excelling in school though :)


Nashville :)
Faith and I roadtripped (again), saw our favorite stars, visited Opryland, and relaxed before the end of the semester came to us!


Got a laugh because my mom informed me of a disagreement between my great aunt and grandma. I guess grandma didn't get the message of my change of major. Love that my great aunt reads my blog :)

Finished off the end of the semester amazingly!!! I can finally say I am d-o-n-e with Calhoun! 
Had my Facebook account hacked (thus ended up with a new number.)

Hola 2010!


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

fun recap!! happy almost new year!!

Meg said...

I love a good recap! What did you change your major too? I clearly missed that with all that stupid studying I had to do.

My future MIL lives right outside of Chattanooga. It is a cute little town, next time you are there you should check out a baseball game. They have a farm league team called the Chattanooga Lookouts, the tickets are cheap and the players are CUTE!

Hannah Noel said...

What a great year!! Here's to the next decade :)