Dreams are the Topic of the Day

Clearly, last night was the night for women to have weird dreams, since Hannah had one and so did I.

First off, I had a dream night before last that when I went to get my gloss treatment at my salon (which will happen in real life next week) they were mixing this horrid, horrid orange color to permanently put in my hair. Lord knows I flipped because all I though about was that I would look like Bozo for sure. I'll spare a picture because clowns freak the crap out of me and this is a no clown zone, ok? Actually, I thought I would look like a regular customer we get at Jason's that looks like a clown. She really does. But I'll stop before I go further. Needless to say, for me, that was a nightmare. My #1 asset to me is my hair.

So last night, I dreamed about field experience. This would probably attribute to this event beginning tomorrow morning. I had the same teacher I had in the fall (we're back on the dream) and we had our girl talk. Only I got a nasty phone call from the certification office at Athens regarding the fact that my observing professor couldn't get a visitors pass because I gave one to the very cute maintenance man the night before... okay... I'm not sure what's the weirder dream, but I always have odd dreams. My friend tells me that I have the most realistic dreams she's ever heard of... I'm an odd one.

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