I'm finally catching up on the pictures from last night's Oscars... is it sad that I relied on my peeps on Facebook to see who won best actress? Congrats, Sandra, by the way. I personally thought you were amazing in The Proposal, and no, I haven't see The Blind Side yet.

Speaking of The Proposal, I nearly fainted when I saw Ryan Reynolds' yummy pictures :)

Anyway, this weekend was my last at Jason's. I thought I'd get out of there without any tearful goodbyes. Which I did. But I didn't get away without a shortcake to the face and a couple gallons of very cold water dumped on  me. I hate how easily I can be tricked into things.
Yes, I will miss my coworkers. They got me good. Really good.


Faith said...

I did the same thing! You know I don't watch anything on TV now cuz it's all summed up on facebook/twitter! :) Yay for no more Jasons!!!!! I know you are thrilled!!!!

Heather said...

I LOVE the pic of Ryan and Bradley!! They are both such great actors, and the fact that they are handsome is a plus!!

Hannah Noel said...

Lol thaaaat seriously sucks.

Could you not watch it on tv? Girl, if we were FB buddies I would have hooked you up with the online live-stream!!