A Post Full of Clues

Alright, alright. I'm still trying to find a fair way to decide who my winner is. I promise :)  I'll know by the next post.

I've had an eventful weekend! I decided that I no longer want to be at Jason's Deli. We're about to have a BIG mix up in management, and truth be told, one of the part time managers (who will soon become permanent full time) and I do not get along at all. Not even five minutes with him and I really want to pull my hair out. And that's saying something. The General Partner is moving to Indianapolis to open a new store and everything is going haywire from there. But yesterday confirmed my feelings when I was doing a bunch of catering stuff and Mr. Drives Me Nuts walked up and tried to mess it all up. Grrr...

I guess it was a good thing that yesterday morning I put in an application to work somewhere this summer that has rockets (clue #1)... let me just say that I was NOT prepared when my phone rang today with an unknown number. Of course I screened it. I'll admit that I screen a lot of calls. But it's different when I have a voicemail, too. So I listened. I'll admit I was scared. I thought some foes of my life got a hold of my mysterious new number and blocked themselves to leave me something... yes, it does sound paranoid. But anyway.
Clue #2

Turns out it was someone from said place-that-has-rockets who was very interested in my application and wanted to interview asap. Gulp. I am very ecstatic. Training would start the 10th... as in next week. Another gulp. But the big gulp is the fact that I have to swim 25 meters, and I won't lie, I haven't swam 25 meters lately... or ever. But that's a secret that I'll work on at the gym with the old ladies. Unfortunately, my distaste in their locker room etiquette is no secret. I often find myself wanting to yell, "for goodness' sakes, Myrtle, put your clothes on NOW!" But I have etiquette in that department, at least. What was I saying?

Oh yes, so I have an interview tomorrow morning at 9am, transcript and one letter of reference in hand. I have to get the other two letters before the end of my training, if I'm hired. So keep me in your thoughts because I really really really want this job! It would look SO good on my resume :)

Clue #3
And hang tight, because I'll have the winner of the Target gift card announced soon!


...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Hope you interview goes well!

Love your header, btw!! :)

Faith said...

OH I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!!!! I hope your interview went well!!! :)

Hannah Noel said...

Good luck on the interview! and I soo don't get the clues. Went right over my head. :(